Birthday in Paradise

This post is for my own record as much as anything. I was in Koh Samui for my birthday, and it was low key magic.

I spent the day with Matt and Mel, and Matt’s brother Pete. Pretty much swimming and drinking.

I ventured out to Matt and Mel’s amazing house, overlooking a green jungle valley, and 5 minutes from the beach. And there, we drunk and swum, and they surprised me with a gift from my work in New Zealand.

Beers and Smirnoff Ice (it’s a Thailand phase) overlooking a valley of banana trees.

Their house is a picture of paradise. It’s like the coolest beach house you’ve ever seen, leading to a beautiful pool. Shading the pool is a rubber tree, and it overlooks a valley of banana trees.

After a few hours, we made our way 5 minutes down the hill to an ocean-side reggae bar.

And the cycle began… drink in the sea, drink at the bar, 5 more minutes down the road and drink in the sea, then at the bar.

These hidden bars are so secluded… most of the time it was just us and one or two other groups of customers.

Life’s biggest problem is when you forget to keep your drink above sea level.

The crazy thing is, all of these bars are open with just us, or us and a handful of people. And that’s just normal.

For dinner, we made our way to a tiny restaurant on the beach that Matt and Mel loved. It’s run by a European guy and his Thai wife.

They live in the restaurant, with their toothbrushes in the restaurant bathroom and a corner of the restaurant curtained off for their bedroom.

Our meals came out one dish at a time, over the span of about two hours. I think she literally cooked one dish, served it, then started preparing the ingredients for the next dish…

But it didn’t matter, we had all the time in the world.

Matt, Pete, and Mel. Bloody legends.
Fresh coconut ice cream and tasty shots.
This day taught me how to relax Thailand-style. Miss you guys!